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Zombies everywhere on the map

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No you can find everything you need without going to the main towns, I was asking that because I'm dissapointed to see 0 zombies in places like this little town : https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.3162156889848538,0.19043884677366213,9.420933630719487

Even with insane population, unfirom distribution, helicopter events, alarms, gun shots... there is absolutely 0 zombies.


That's why I would like zombies everywhere, or almost everywhere, to not have a place where I know I'll be always safe

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Just whipped up a mod to address this somewhat.. 

I had my own issues with zeds and hordes not migrating across the map, so you could hole up in the deep forest and survive as long as you like and not see a zed.  





Wilderness Zeds

This is a simple mod that I whipped up, since PZ at the moment (as far as I can tell) does not have travelling hordes or single zombies etc... that cross the map areas (or specifically across map cells). So you could hole up somewhere in the wildnerness, your own base or a cabin and not be bothered again. This mod 's aim is to change that a little bit. 

This mod will have extra zeds, and groups of zeds across the whole map, including wildnerness areas. They will be rarer and more sporadic than in populated areas like towns. This will make the wildnerness areas have more risk, especially in dense tree areas where you will have more chance of walking into an unseen zed. Shooting a gun or making a noise in the wildnerness will attract nearby zeds if there are any.

Single zeds get encountered most likely, then small groups (1->4 zeds), then larger groups (4-14), with very occasionally hordes (15->114), and more rarely large hordes (115 -> 1114 zeds). 

These zeds dont respawn. 

I am still playing about with the randomness/rarity. 

Works in SP & MP. 

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Zombies are biased to roads and towns, so they need a reason to be pulled into the forest. They do migrate through it follow sounds, but it's not too common outside of multiplayer.


I'm just not sure uniform population changes this behavior. more likely it just makes it so that the amount of zombies inside the city and on the road are flat, instead of varying intensity by the underlying population map.

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