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Wool Blanket

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A Wool Blanket is a very good survival item with many uses.


Sleeping aid 

Lie on/under for comfort and warmth.

Use as a makeshift sleeping bag.



Can be used as a cloak or poncho.

Scratch and bite resistant.



Can be used as a bag.



Can be use to create a 'lean-to'.


**Naturally water proof and fire retardant**


With the new weather and clothes on the way etc. it would be very nice to use a blanket to-

  • Put on a bed for warmth while sleeping.
  • Wear as a cloak for warmth and protection from the rain.
  • Use as a bag 


It would also possibly be cool to use as a sleeping bag or shelter but that might be a bit too much?


Down sides to wool

Heavy (especially when wet)


When worn like a cloak you will be laughed at because you want to be a medieval warrior...




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