InfestedSurvivalistBunker.tbx Building Available (Highly Detailed) (Google Drive Link)
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When the apocalypse rolls around, you need protection, perhaps isolation, people, and a stockpile of supplies. Being in those circumstances when hell happens will likely prove to be very beneficial and a lucky position. But despite all this, you may still fall. This is one of those scenarios, nothing went right. Those who thought they were safe met their untimely demise.


This bunker is resilient despite falling to either raiders, hordes, or anything in fact, as this is your asset, your piece now. This bunker has a lot.

- 26 rooms.

- Highly detailed.

- Contains both .tbx and .bak files.

- Barricades and furniture arranged to explain it's demise.

- Given room definitions.

- 6 hours of work done on this.

- Me approving this to be high quality.


These 26 rooms are-

- Garage / Bunker Entrance

- Garage Storage

- Male restroom.

- Female Restroom.

- Cafeteria / Corridor.

- Maintenance Sector Hall.

- Water Treatment Plant.

- Generator Room.

- Maintenance Storage.

- Cafeteria.

- Cafeteria Kitchen.

- Cafeteria Kitchen Storage.

- General Purpose Sector Hall.

- Showers + Bathroom.

- Locker room.

- Quarters.

- Library.

- Briefing Room.

- Armory Office.

- Armory.

- Medical Bay.

- Medical Storage.

- Laundry Room.

- Private Quarters Living Room.

- Private Quarters Bedroom.

- Private Quarters Bathroom.





(Google Drive is supremely easier than Dropbox, so i'm using this now).


Any questions, criticisms, compliments, i dunno, or something. Just post it and stuff.

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1 hour ago, nickodemos said:

Where is it located? Also tried looking at it as a bigger image and nothing showed up. Not sure if you can do anything but thought I would let you know.

Unfortunately I can make buildings but have no clue how to make maps, so it doesn't exist. This bunker is meant to be a piece for mappers so they could download it and use it in their maps. Your image issue, I have no damn clue what's happening, so you should try describing your issue more.

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