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I'd like to make a quality-of-life suggestion for the container window. Currently, in order to show this window (and the main inventory as well), there are 2 modes.

The player can either left-click the container, or mouse hover over the proximity/container window, or have it "pinned"/"always-on" so as it is always visible.

I would like to suggest a third optional mode, where the window would automatically appear/unfold when there are items to be shown.

Alternatively the window could appear when there is a container to be shown - whether it be empty or has items  (or this could even be a 4th optional mode if you prefer).


I think this would greatly increase the user friendliness of the UI, as having the container window always open hides a part of the screen, and having to mouse over it, is a bit of a drag especially on higher resolutions.

For now, I'm at 2560x1080 resolution and I just keep the window constantly visible, because of how "annoying" it is to have to constantly mouse over to the top right of the screen.


I hope I explained this adequately.

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