Version 40.36 released:  Full patch notes
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Version 40.36 released:  Full patch notes




  • Implemented horizontal scrollbars.  Added horizontal scrollbar to the new-game screen.
  • Added sandbox options for snow on ground, rain/fog fx intensity
  • Added option to disable door shake effect
  • Rain-barrel context-menu tooltip displays warning if the barrel contains tainted water.




  • Updated community translations
  • Player can now get wet if windshield is broken based on vehicle speed and rain intensity.
  • Weather period frequency increased
  • Increased chances for heavy weather (storm/tropical/blizzard)
  • Reduced the car's alarm radius from 300 to 150.
  • Changes when building carpentry/metal items. For floors you have to check that the floor you're trying to build is connected to another existing floor if it's on z level > 0. For other stuff (walls etc) it must be on a solid floor.
  • Lowered the risk of getting a fracture when falling.
  • Increased the timeout downloading chunks when joining a server. Instead of 60 seconds altogether, it times out 60 seconds after the latest chunk was received.
  • Moved doorframe carpentry option into the door submenu. 




  • Fixed map-loading exception in IsoObject.getWaterAmount()
  • Fixed being able to place some types of furniture at the top of stairs.
  • Fixed chat no longer being logged on the server
  • Fixed cardboard boxes not stacking like wooden crates do.
  • Fixed vehicle trunk not appearing in the loot window for some vehicles at certain angles.
  • Fixed exception climbing stairs that happened if no walls had ever been rendered.
  • Fixed Comments in chat being replaced by ellipses
  • Fixed 'Q' throwing exception in singleplayer debug mode
  • Fixed sheetropes sometimes not being removed properly in multiplayer.
  • Fixed missing banID function
  • Fixed sleeping in tent not stopping you getting wet
  • Fixed tree rustling in MP
  • Fixed door shake in MP
  • Fixed new clothing not being used in sheet rope recipes
  • Fixed small objects like microwaves, tv, radio etc blocking zombies
  • Fixed mods triggering weather that impacts on current front strength
  • Fixed possible bug in WinterIsComing that would reset conditions for a couple of days every 30 days
  • Fixed vehicle reflection cloud intensity matching climate manager
  • Fixed vehicle reflection cloud direction matching ground cloud shadows direction
  • Fixed height off the ground of wooden crates being choosable with the 'R' key when building. (This was the old way of choosing the height; the moveables system chooses the height automatically now.)
  • Fixed metal crates not being moveable, scrappable or stackable.
  • Fixed exception building double-doors above ground level.
  • Fixed being able to build doorframes or double-doors at the tops of staircases.
  • Fixed rate of vehicle-alarm honking at different framerates.
  • Fixed vehicle horn playing in one ear when inside the vehicle.
  • Fixed if radio chat is available then other messages were also copied in
  • Fixed whitespace after player name when opening last whisper chat
  • Fixed chatbox not allowing channel IDs (as an alternative to names) to be used for Discord integration
  • Fixed wrong number of times the "All" option when trying to do a recipe if frozen food was involved.
  • Fixed ISVehicleMenu.getVehicleToInteractWith() not checking for the vehicle the player is in.
  • Fixed a missing exterior wall in a house.
  • Fixed layout of character info UI with more than two rows of traits.
  • Fixed exception when sleeping outside on a chair.
  • Fixed exception when a player joins a server in a vehicle with the engine running without a driver.
  • Fixed clients sending zombie-attracting sounds to the server when a vehicle horn is used.
  • Fixed vehicles sometimes moving to the left/top edge of a square after loading.
  • Fixed player-zombie unique multiplayer IDs never being released.
  • Fixed player being forced to reenter a vehicle in multiplayer sometimes. (If the player rejoins a server and the vehicle they were in is no longer present, savedVehicleSeat does not get set to -1.)
  • Fixed errors activating a controller after the player dies.
  • Fixed rain barrels not saving the tainted state of water.
  • Fixed being mandatory for the game to run
  • Fixed stairs not being destroyed with melee attacks.
  • Fixed not being able to repair VanSeats trunk.
  • Fixed list of multi-stage recipes not being cleared before reloading scripts.
  • Fixed the crafting menu not handling drainable items correctly for multi-stage build recipes.
  • Fixed ReplaceOnUse being ignored when using ItemsRequired items in multi-stage build recipes.
  • Fixed not being able to place double doors inside buildings.
  • Fixed exception in IsoRegionWorker.loadSaveMap() with Core.noSave=true.
  • Fixed RainParticle.update() not setting lastIntensity.
  • Fixed exception in isoRegion.DataChunk.load()
  • Fixed time disconnected from a server counting towards zombification.
  • Fixed it being possible to trap the char in a car placed between a wall / car
  • Fixed calculation of vehicle container capacity (and other things) based on condition.
  • Fixed vehicle debug repair command not updating container capacity in singleplayer or on the server.
  • Fixed vehicle trunk capacity not changing when repaired in singleplayer.
  • Fixed repairing vehicle parts not updating some stuff on the server
  • Fixed expanded vehicle bounds blocking splitscreen players. 
  • Fixed vehicle exits appearing blocked that aren't in switch-seat UI.
  • Fixed empty savefile names and names starting/ending with "." being allowed.
  • Fixed two color options applying when chosen instead of when the Accept or Apply buttons are clicked.
  • Fixed initial value of the Personal Text Color option.
  • Fixed position of the Personal Text Color color-picker.

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7 hours ago, AlystairWesley said:

GOG States 40.31 still, is there an ETA for the GOG patch?

The website direct downloads? Those we have no control over and need to be manually processed by GoG. The build through GoG Galaxy should be build 40.35, from two weeks ago.  I'll likely upload 40.36 today, regardless. 

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8 hours ago, AlystairWesley said:

I should've clarified, I meant GOG Galaxy. I didn't think about the direct downloads, I'll check those also. Thanks!

Will take a look in a few. It should have been published.


Couldn't update build 36, as I lost power, but can do it today. Buying a generator is now on my list. :(

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Any update? GoG Galaxy is still saying 40.31 for me, and I've verified/repaired to make sure.
I'm ultimately asking in order to play with some steam friends on our own server, thus the version mismatch is causing me to be unable to join.

Thanks again.

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