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Custom tiles problems. Partially working sheetrope ladders and stairs, getting stuck. [Solution found.]

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So I'm hoping someone can help me figure out a solution to this.


I've decided to try and add working ladders, using the sheetrope function, aswell as a new staircase.


I have made a custom tilesheet and added it to the editors. I can use it in the editors as tiles, and it shows up in game when trying out the mod after doing a .tiles and .pack file.


For the ladders/sheetropes, as soon as I try to climb it in the game, the whole game will freeze and climbing is impossible. It doesn't crash the game, but will make it stuck, leaving me to ALT+F4 to get out of it.

Basically, the ladders seem to know they are ropes in the game, but it won't work to climb them, only to start the climb, before it freezes.


With the stairs, I've managed to get to the second part of the stair before the above mentioned freeze occurs. Meaning, the stairs is in 3 parts, I can walk on the first, then the second level, but stepping on to the third level of the stair will cause a freeze and leaving ALT+F4 as the only solution to leave the game.


I have no idea how to continue here, or what to do from this point on.


Anyone know a solution, or willing to help with making it work?

It would be greatly appreciated.

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Found solution.

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So I've managed to get it to work now. Although I'm not quite sure what exactly changed overall. I remade the .pack and .tiles files from scratch, changed some tile defs and now it works.


Sometimes, after going up stairs, or up a ladder, when you reach the top, and fall down, the freeze happens again, but as of right now, it's only when falling/stepping off a ledge after going up.


I'll leave with this for now, if you want to be able to get back down after climbing a ladder, that uses the sheet rope mechanic, you need to have a ledge to climb over. Like if you're climbing through a window, or over a fence, otherwise the ladder, sheet rope mechanic, won't work. Atleast this is as far as I've gotten at the time or writing this.


Will mark this as answered when I'm sure no new problems arise in relation to this.

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So I have used different ladders, made my own textures and remodeled however I liked it. Have not found any more problems that I could not work around really. But I'll list what I've found out so far when doing this.

If adding tile defs to a ladder going either topN or topW, make sure to also change the def of the top of the ladders to be NorthWallWindow or WestWallWindow. Even if there is no window there, it needs to believe there is, to you automatically vault the top of the ladder. If you don't the character animation may get stuck completely and you won't be able to go back down anyway.


If you add tile def to a ladder going either topS or topE, you can not put a WallWindow def on there, because of what I believe is the isometric limitations. But, if you make a wall there that has a window, or a fence that can be jumped over, it will work just like stated above regarding topN or topW.

So for ladders to work going N or W, a full wall can be SheetRopeNorth or SheetRopeWest, SheetRopeSouth or SheetRopeEast.


For the top tiles, where you reach the top ladder, you need SheetRopeNorthTop and also NorthWallWindow for that tiledef, or SheetRopeWestTop combined with WestWallWindow. And for the top ladders SheetRopeSouthTop or SheetRopeEastTop, but you need to combine this with something to jump over, either a fence of sorts, or some type of window that you add.

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Something I forgot to mention when it comes to the stairs.


The easiest way I've found to make stairs work correctly, custom ones that is.
Is to just copy the defs of each respective stair piece in the tile definitions.

It's included in the TileZed program and this is probably what it's intended for.


No need to do guess work really, just copy paste a definition if you have the same type of tile.

The easy way I found to do this, is to open the .newtiles file then add my own tilesheets to it.

Eventually you can remove all the sheets from .newtiles one in tiledefinitions when all your custom tiledefs are done.


After that, just save your .tiles file as something else, so you don't overwrite the original .newtiles file.

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