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Inactive zombies in the winter

cool daddy shark

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Since winter has turned into something that can rival zombies in lethality I am starting to feel that zombies should be affected to a degree. If temperatures reach 15 degrees or less I don't how a zombie can exactly come after me effectively unless I am just being careless.  I just wanted to run over some ideas really quick because if I can get hypothermia why cant a zombie get stiffer and slower?


1) Zombies enter a passive state similar to what is already in the options menu for Day/Night.

2) Players will be lulled into a false sense of security by more docile groups of zombies.

3) Areas previously too dangerous to explore become more viable to explore.

4) Human interaction will increase now that people are more willing to venture out.

5) Human competition for resources will come to a boiling point.


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