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Wooden floors cannot be removed or destroyed- IWBUMS [40.35]


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I am not sure if I am mistaken but I swore you could destroy or disassemble wooden floors from the carpentry build menu.... I accidentally place down a wooden floor and now cannot remove it. I have tried having the hammer and crowbar both in main inventory to either pick up, dismantle, or disassemble the wooden floor. Nothing worked. Also I have tried using the sledgehammer to just destroy the floor altogether and again nothing. I have no option to removed the floor. Am I missing something or is anybody else experiencing this problem???:? 

I have only tested this on a multiplayer server.

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You can replace it with another floor tile or pour some dirt, sand or gravel from a bag over it. It's been like this at least from previous build, maybe even earlier.

Sadly, there is no way to grow back some grass, so be careful.

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