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My characters is trapped in a car.


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That's because vehicle's hitbox is too large, I don't know what they did in build 40 but they messed up with the vehicles hitbox


You don't have to restart your game, here's something that you can do easy and very useful for similar situations:

First you make a new game (a sandbox one without zombies so you won't be annoyed by them) then you leave the game and you go to the save folder of your game where you're stuck, (C:\Users\yourname\Zomboid\Saves) if it's a survival game you go to the survival folder if it was sandbox go to the sandbox one, then select the right save folder. In this folder search for map_p.bin file (it's your character's file) you copy it and paste it in the save folder of the new game you created (of course it'll replace the map_p.bin file of the character you made for the new game). Launch PZ and go to the new game, you'll spawn in this game with your stuck character but now unstuck because it's another map, you move a bit to not be blocked by anything when you'll get back to your initial map, quit the game.

Then take back your map_p.bin file from the new game and paste it in the initial one and that's it you'll be unstuck when you play again on your save.


Summary: you just export your character to a fresh new world to unstuck your character, then export back your character to your initial world.

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