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[40.31] Unable to read chat messages on the chatbox when players are close to each other


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There seems to be a problem with the new chatbox affecting our players not to be able to RP at all when they tried normal talk to shouting in front of a user 1 tile away.


Try to read the text, can you read? I bet you can't because it is full of ... when we are close to each other.


Here is a screenshot of the problem we are facing:

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I assume that this is by design and that it is supposed to simulate that you're not close enough to hear the conversation in /say channel well. Kinda like when you're out on the street and some people nearby are having a conversation but you cannot catch every word. You just hear a word here and there and the rest is unclear.


But the range seems to be way too short in current state, especially since most people are used to the old local chat which covered the whole screen. Maybe they just need to increase the range before the words start dropping out.


Also, negative hearing traits may affect the range.

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