More character's appearence options.
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Characters in the game look similar to each other. The only thing that makes character look at least slightly different is hair color, skin color and beard. 


More character's appearence options will make player union not look like an army of clones.


This topic consists of two parts: Basic appearance options such as height and some not very necessary stuff that you may find interesting.


Part one.

1. Height.

You can choose your character's height from 160cm (very low) to 200cm (very high). 

Depending on your height, your character will have buff/debuff on some activities. I.e low characters will loot high shelves slower than the high ones, but high characters will do activities such as climbing through windows slower than the low ones.


2. Age.

Character's age may vary from 18 to 60 years old.

Age affects experience gain, strength and endurance. Young character will gain experience Much faster than the old one. Character in his middle ages will be stronger than the young man. The old one is actually worst age to choose because he is slower, weaker and, let's say, more stupid than young character, however, you will get additional trait points.

Also, as you would expect, Character's age will change every year. 


3. Sex. Yea, I know that it already exists, but I think that it should have more affect on the gameplay. I.e woman characrer will be weaker than the male character, however, woman character will also have less debuff from being in pain and will live longer than the male character.

Also woman character will have less height options to choose. Like from 160cm to 185cm instead of from 160cm to 200cm.


4. Face. I don't think I have to describe it. Characters' face is always same so it won't be unnecessary.


Part two.

1. Nationality. Yes. 

Character's nationality will affect his face, some options to choose and even language he talks. I don't want to add examples because I think that I may be misunderstood. :)

I've even thought about traits that will affect communications beetween player and NPC. Example of how it should work IMO. If you pick non-English-speaking nationality, you will be able to pick trait. I named it "Native speaker", but you can call it however you want. So, basically, this trait makes you unable to talk on different languages without dictionary. Like if you took Russian nationality alongside with this trait, you need to find Rus-Eng dictionary to talk with English-speaking character. Also this will decrease chance of successful conversation.

There is one more trait I want to talk about. I called it "Linguist". This trait simply gives you ability to talk on every language.


2. I forgot what I wanted to put here. I will write something here I swear!

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I'm pretty sure with the animation update there will be more character customization options, however, if that's not enough i'm sure there will be a few mods for it. I know of one person that will be making a hair mod once it releases.

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I love these ideas and I want them in the game for sure!


edit: I was really disappointed that the game has such few clothing options and that most of them look very similar to the point of being nearly indistinguishable from each other. I'm also surprised that the game has no long ponytail hair option for male or female characters. no laura croft zombie raider :(

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