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40.32 - Lighting frustrations and Post-Processing incosistencies

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Playing on Build 40.32.

My character has no perks affecting vision.

Lighting mode is set to 'Normal' in sandbox settings. 

God Mode was enabled - tiredness etc was not a factor in these screenshots.


I've noticed some real inconsistencies with lighting, particularly around the time of day, and whether or not post-processing has been enabled. 

The pictures really do speak for themselves, but here are a few points.


  1. Between about 11:30 pm and 4:30 am - Lights on cars seem to not work at all. Flashlights have a very blue tint / are almost invisible. Streetlights seem mostly unaffected. 
  2. During the night, if post-processing is *enabled* - the ambient light is much brighter, to the point where one would not need a flashlight to see, giving them an advantage. 


During the night, flashlights seem almost completely useless. Vehicle headlights _are_ completely useless. 

Last night, playing in a multiplayer session, I noticed the change with car lights almost instantly. The blue/practically invisible car lights jarringly switched to the visible/illuminated cone sometime between 4 and 5 am. (These sandbox settings were set to Dark, rather than Normal - which all screenshots were taken on)


Here are the screenshots I've taken this morning. The difference speaks for itself, really.



11pm- Post Processing OFF



This looks about exactly as I would expect it to (given that it's on Normal lighting settings. All lights have a very noticeable  affect






11pm - Post Processing ON



Notice that the entire scene is now illuminated much brighter than the previous. A flashlight would be needed to see effectively with post processing turned off (above). With Post Processing on - you would hardly need a flashlight. Also, you can notice that the lights now have little to no affect, and do not actually illuminate the area.







12:30am - Post Processing OFF



The car headlights are not visible. Yes, I checked that they are turned on. When taking this shot, I even got in the car to double check. They appear to just not be illuminating. Also notice that the flashlight now appears blue, and is not actually illuminating anything. The darkness itself is about what I would expect, though it would be better if it were illuminated like it was only 1.5hrs before this screenshot was taken (the first image pictured)





12:30am - Post Processing ON



Similar to the pattern in the 11pm screenshot. With Post Processing on, the scene is much brighter. You wouldn't necessarily need a flashlight here. If you had post processing off, you most definitely would (though they look very ineffective anyway)







5am - Post Processing OFF



Again, this looks about as I would expect given the current lighting settings of normal. The lights are visible and effective. 





5am - Post Processing ON



Continuing the pattern, the lights are now ineffective, and the ambient lighting is too bright. 






All of these screenshots were taken directly after another, going in and changing post-processing option, hitting apply, and okay. 

The weather was fine during taking these screenshots. 

The only time I had moved, was to check the car lights were even switched on (and battery not dead etc) at the 12:30am.


The times the photos were taken are visible in the clock, and as you can see, there are no cats eyes perk etc. As god mode was enabled, I did not become tired etc - so that has not affected my vision. 

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