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Z Spawn Density in Large Buildings

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As I complete more and more of my map, I've noticed that zombie spawn density is the opposite of what I'd like it to be in some areas.


- Homes are about right with at most 1 zombie per 200sqft (ie, 1600sqft house has about 6-8 zeds inside)

- Small gas stations have maybe 0-3 inside

- Fast food places have maybe 1-4 inside


My issue is with Large buildings/stores having ZERO zombies inside...    I've got displays, shelves, mannequins, checkout stands, light switches, bathrooms, etc... placed in the store, so it's not like an empty warehouse...  and despite being within the ZombieSpawnMap image, absolutely no zombies spawn inside.


So I'm wondering, is there a particular type of object, or something I can place to increase the zombie density of certain buildings ? Lets say I wanted to create a huge 12 theater cinema just jam packed with zombies.... is that possible ? Seems like such a waste to create large empty structures, where in most zombie situations they tend to congregate inside large structures like shopping centers, and such...


I did notice that a Prison building I made is just stuffed with Zombie spawn.... And the only real difference between this building and lets say a Walmart store, is that the Prison has a extreme number of rooms in relation to its footprint...  Does number of rooms in a building affect spawn density ?


Just thought I'd throw that question out there, as I continue to mess around with different combinations.



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Did you find a solution for this? On my first redstone map for some reason the hospital is packed with zombies but the main base building is almost empty.... I could never figure out what controlled indoor zombie spawn rates..

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On 12/10/2018 at 7:54 PM, Neutz said:

hospital is packed with zombies


That was a nice surprise. 


I myself have just had difficulty balancing the spawn. I wouldn't mind seeing the spawn map of something like New Denver, or other popular map mod with 'balanced' / vanilla feeling zombie spawns, so I can familiarize myself with what sort of white/black levels to use for a desired effect. 

It's unclear to me if a purely white section will spawn full of zombies, etc. 


By the sounds of it, even after figuring that out, this could make it just that little more frustrating to truly control the spawn rates. 

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