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New Update 40.26 Bugs that i have Found

Chess of Confusion

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No for me i still get the stuttering and slowdowns with multi-core turned on.. and without it bring turned on..i get frame drops. I even tried it on 32 i wouldn't recommend it..it was so bad. I just hope they are watching this and that are looking into this matter. clearly the only one's that are not being affected are people with very powerful Gaming Rigs. Unless i'm wrong.

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OK so.. what s happening on steam they say they have did a Hotfix on Thursday now what was that  8th 15th or the 22th i should go check to see if it works. But also they are saying they have a the Next Patch in the public IWBUMS beta channel does that mean i have to wait until they release it to fix everyone's game..that is having problems or did they do it in the hot fix which i'm going to find out now.

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