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Tactical NPC Squad A.I. ?!!


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Not quite Seal Team 6, but that's why we're in the WIP section...

So I'm not attempting to offer any version of the SuperSurvivors! mod (by Nolan Ritchie) in any way. I’m just trying to play the game the way I want to play it, while trying not to break anything in the process. That said, I’d like to share and demonstrate a few things since Animations and NPC’s are on the horizon. I figure it was a good time to post this to perhaps add something to the NPC conversation. Talk is cheap, so I made a video to illustrate my ideas:



0:05 – [Eat now] command

1:05 – New Fighter Group Role

3:25 – Guard Task in Fighter Role

5:03 – New Over-Watch Group Role

8:19 – Over-Watch and Vehicles

10:35 – Close Over-Watch support for Vehicle

15:33 – NPC Vehicular Combat (firing from inside Vehicle)


Rated (M) for Language :o  enjoy!


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