How to spawn vehicles via lua? PZ39

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Im trying to spawn vehicles in lua, preferably at a set x,y,z. 






This method looks to be available to lua, but whenever I call it, I get "Object tried to call nil" 

I noticed with:  addAllVehicles() that I seemed to have more luck in testing, I got the messages: "....not spawned, position invalid.." which meant the function actually got called... but my location was in a building which is probably why nothing spawned.


from this thread, I see that you should be able to do in MP:  /addvehicle "Base.VanSpiffo" "x,y,z"


So calling this code as well does not work: SendCommandToServer("/addvehicle \"" .. "Base.VanSpiffo" .. "\" \"" .. square:getX()..","..square:getY()..","..square:getZ() .. "\"")

Not sure what is going on.... I got the same error with SendCommandToServer("/invisible");

Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
    at zombie.Lua.LuaManager$GlobalObject.SendCommandToServer(



So maybe this only works in an MP game... 


Any ideas how to spawn a car in an SP (and MP) game at a specific x,y,z? 


also tried: square:AddWorldInventoryItem("Base.VanSpiffo", 0.0, 0.0, 0.0); to be sure, but of course that did not work either. :-)


Thank you in advance.



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Checked out Necroforge's code, and it does not use addvehicle. It will only replace the vehicle you currently have, so it does no proper spawning. It would be great if the devs added a working addvehicle feature at x,y,z. 


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