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This is gonna be a running log of the group I'm playing in's adventures. I'm not sure how long I'm going to continue this, hopefully to the end of the campaign but I may stop earlier. We are currently playing out the Water deep campaign. Today was our first session. Before I begin, here is the group of adventurers in question. I don't fully remember all of the characters, but here's my best go. (Warning: Spoilers for the adventure, though or DM did say we missed a lot of opportunities)


The Heroes

Barkley Oaks: Elven Cleric Acolyte, born from an ancient tree when it was struck by lightening. Named by the feeble minded, but kind hearted cleric that found and raised him.

Erandale "Eran" Lightouched: Aasimar Fighter Folk Hero, great great grandson of a famous hero, his inspiration to be a hero. Likes to swear in foreign languages.

Herace: Paladin that comes and goes.

Palladdin (Pronounced like Aladdin but with a p in front of it): Human Monk, the quiet type.

Serina: Dragonborn Druid Hermit, a ladyswoman prone to rude jokes.

Thorrin Brotter: Dwarven Fighter Outlander, orphaned and left in the woods. Befriended a pack of Dire Wolves, and thus has one as a pet. Refers to "Fang" as his brother.


Session 1: The Beginning

It all starts in the Yawning Portal tavern. We didn't know each other really, just strangers in the same tavern. We aren't even sitting at the same table when it happened. A fight breaks out between a human man with eye tattoos on his head and a half orc woman, and Eran and Serina go to watch, while the others all get in on a competitive drinking game. The fight is resolved, people kicked out, and the pair of soon to be allies are disappointed at a boring fight. A large shaft that leads to the Underdark sits closed off in the center of the tavern. A troll with being swarmed by stirges leaps up out of it, scaring off the patrons, except for the soon to be allies and the barkeep, a war veteran. The keep got the troll down the shaft and set it aflame with lamp oil while the heroes slayed the Stirges unscathed.

We are thanking for our service, and a famous bestiary writer, Volothamp Geddarm, notices us and hires us to search for a friend of his that went missing in the slums. Serina slides a gold piece over to the barkeep to keep tabs on this guy so we don't get murdered in our sleep (for being a famous guy we certainly haven't heard of him). We then head down to the Dock Quarter, headed for the tavern this friend frequents, the Skewered Dragon.

On our way there Eran convinces the group to stop in at a curiosity shop in which EVERYTHING was purple ran by a gnomish stoner. A few of them gets trinkets while Serina and Palladin intimidates the shopkeep into telling them all he knows. He has never heard of this "friend" but he does know that two men had been jumped outside his shop the night before, one a nobleman (not the friend) by men with winged serpent tattoos. Of the trinkets bought, Eran gets a mechanical canary of gnomish design, and Thorrin buys a glass eye for use in a potential secret ruse later.

We stopped in at the Skewered Dragon, a dilapidated structure with broken windows and an anchor in it's roof. Thorrin hits on the dwarven waitress there, but fails to ask her out on a date, whereas Serina soon succeeds, set to go on a date with her later that night. Eran starts buddying up with some of the regulars, and finds out that the serpent tattoos are a gang symbol that had a hang out in an abandoned warehouse down in the back alleys. He then pushes his luck and gets told to scram before "something bad happens"

Herace heads out on some "personal business", and Serina heads to the tavern to be with her woman. The rest of the team heads to the warehouse. The find only two ways in: through the main doors and through the windows. A rock is thrown through one of the windows, and they wait in the shadows to see if any gang members come out to investigate. Serina meets back up with them shortly before they go in, having had a one night stand with the dwarf. They leave Thorrin and Fang to guard the door while the others go in and investigate. They find a bunch of dead Winged Serpents, and start looting the bodies for daggers and possibly coin when they get jumped by four Kenkus in the upstairs. A fight ensues, and Eran is slain, then resurrected less than a minute later. One Kenku is knocked out to be interrogated later, and another escapes up the stairs...


Thus is the end of Session 1: The Beginning. Let me know what you think, or any advice you might have for a group of first time players. And as always, thanks for reading.

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Session 2: Almost a Very Bad Ending

The remaining Kenku sprints up the stairs and disappears. Eran, Herace, and Thorrin go after it, Palladdin guards the KOed Kenku, and Barkley and Serina check the bandit and Kenku bodies.

On the bodies they find two tattoos, varying from person to person (Winged Serpent and Yellow Ten Spoked Wheel) They also find a secret door, which leads to a cache of four valuable paintings and a dozen and a half silver bars. Doing this, however, sets off an alarm.

Just before the alarm goes off, the three headed upstairs find that the Kenku has disappeared. They search, but find nothing other than a few dusty offices and boxes full of junk. The alarm goes off, and they see bells ringing. The rest of the team except Palladdin shows up in time for the Kenku to ambush them with a bow. It is then slain by Thorrin's battleaxe.

We head downstairs (not thinking to stop the alarm) and find a prisoner, the nobleman jumped outside the curiosity shop in Session 1. It turns out the other man is Volo's friend. Just then the guard shows up and demands we hand over the nobleman and the Kenku. Thorrin, paranoid this is their only chance, attacks the man, which happens to be one of the senior-most captains of the guard. He is stopped, and arrested, with a sentence of flogging and ten days in jail. Eran is able to convince the man that they had no clue the dwarf would flip his sh*t (thus sparing the rest of the group from being guilty by association and an end to our collective careers), and the rest of the group goes with the guards to the interrogation rooms.

The Kenku leaves a cryptic message, "____ leaves his regards" with nobody knowing who this mystery man is. The nobleman tells us that since he looks similar to Volo's friend, the thugs kidnapped the friend and took him to another safe house in the sewers, since the nobleman's estranged father caused the gang trouble and the past and they suspect a member of the noble family stole an artifact from the bandits. The Kenku is executed, and the noble pays Thorrin's bail (500 gold coins) since he helped save him, because nobody else was willing to bail him out for his reckless actions.

We then head to the sewers, and Thorrin has to leave his wolf behind for this one. We see a few Yellow Ten Spoked Wheels sigils and follow them. Along the way we run into a Gazer, which is fought and eventually slain by Barkley.

A little ways further, they find the entrance to the hideout, guarded by 2 Goblins. A fight ensues, and both die with little damage to the party, with Eran and Palladdin slaying one each. We then take a rest, deciding to wait a bit before going in, since anyone inside has yet to be alerted off our presence...


Thus is the end of Session 2: Almost a Very Bad Ending. Let me know what you think, or any advice you might have for a group of second time players.

And as always, thanks for reading.

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It's been two D&D less weeks, but now, three weeks since the last session, it finally worked out. The first missed one was due to schedule problems, and the second wasn't really missed, we just did no adventuring as it was used to level up and introduce two new players. Before I begin with Session 3, here are the new members of the group, taking the roster up to nine. (Yes, two plus six is eight, we had one join who wasn't new, just transitioning from groups.)


The New Heroes

Jak- a human wizard, the logical and apathetic type. Joined in by stumbling into the party while searching in the sewers for a spell ingredient to pay back a favor.

Okrunker- a human cleric of the banana god. He grew up at a desert Oasis where the people worshiped different fruit and vegetable cult deities based off of what they farmed. Once they reach adulthood, all members go on a long quest of soul searching and self exploration in main stream society, to decided whether or not they want to rejoin the Oasis. He ran into us after being left for dead in the sewers by the party he was with, them having deemed him a nutcase.

Omosessuale- a gay tiefling warlock, made fun of for his short stature and known for his flirty nature. Joined with the group in search of companion ship with like minded outcasts, having followed them into the sewers and deemed the Heroes good people to associate with. A quite creepy backstory if you ask me.


Session 3: Three's Charm

The Heroes take a rest outside the bandit hideout in order to heal up and replenish spells. while they are doing so the three newcomers, Jak, Okrunker, and Omosessuale, are accepted into the team. Once inside they notice two different hallways to take. Palladdin, Serina, and Thorrin stayed back to make sure the others weren't jumped from behind, guarding the exit and the intersection. The other six head down the hall and entered a sleeping quarters.

The six explorers begin to search the room and hear voice in another doorway. A face pokes through the doorway and leaves. It is one we recognized, the man in Session 1 that got in a fight with the half orc at the tavern, The Yawning Portal. He ducks back in the room, and we follow cautiously, not sure what we'll find.

Inside is another sleeping quarters, and a Duergar is with the Human, who is angry at us not helping him in what he calls an unfair fight. Eran points out that the man had friends there that didn't help either. The human doesn't take this well, and draws his sword, starting a fight. The human is eventually slain by Eran with his two long swords. The Duergar,  then goes after him in vengeance, before going invisible and attempting to sneak attack him, but Okrunker casts Detect Magic to notice a magical aura near Eran, warning the others of the invisible thugs location. In the end after many attempts to subdue him, including Jak accidentally putting himself to sleep after trying to cast Sleep on the Duergar (result of a crit fail) Eran hits him in the back of the head with his sword hilts, KOing the nasty dwarven man.

We wake up Jak, and then the Duergar. Only Jak and Okrunker understand him, since Thorrin is on guard duty. After a long exchange, it appears he doesn't fear death, torture, or even being fed alive to a Grey Ooze discovered in the next room. He also seems to be immune to Enchantment spells, ruling out Charm and Calm Emotions. A plan is made- since both the Duergar and the Ooze are a problem -that'll resolve the current issues.

We head into the lavatory where the Ooze has infested, Eran (having the highest strenth) fireman carries the Duergar into the slime room. The plan is to offer his 1hp self to the Ooze, in order to pacify the creature and eliminate a huge pain in the rear. Little does Eran know Duergars can size shift, and the previously tied up 3.5 foot Duergar is now a 7 foot tall, untied problem. He then scoops up Omosessuale, having been the first one to score any damage against him with Eldritch Blast, and makes a break for it. Barkely shoots a crossbow bolt at him and downs the Duergar. The group then struggles to free the midget from the clutches of his cold dead hands, until finally he breaks himself free. They then roll the body to the Ooze and leave.

After some more exploration they find a room up a set of stairs. Inside is the friend of Volos, a half orc man standing on his still living body, and an Illithid (aka Mindflayer) petting an Intellect Devourer in the corner, watching us curiously. Barkely, being the only one to speak Orc, asks him to hand over the human in exchange for us taking care of the Ooze. He refuses, and starts a fight...


Thus is the end of Session 3: Three's Charm. Let me know what you think, or any advice you might have for a group of six third time players, one first time player, and two veteran players.

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