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Different snow tiles and stages of "Snowyness".

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Currently, snow appears as a almost pitch white something for every tile, so my suggestion is...


Different tiles should have a snowy versions of themselves (What a surprise!)


WARNING: Poor quality drawing down there. If you want to keep your ability to see, please don't scroll down.


So umm... I've taken some screenshots of tiles and tried to draw the snowy version of them with my broken hands, and it looks sorta like this (Oops, seems like they appeared on the bottom side of a post).



Well, the next suggestion is pretty easy to explain without pictures, so I decided not to upload my masterpieces here. The tiles get snowy pretty strange right now: the white tile simply quickly fades in. In my opinion, we can make it so while it snowing, there are some white pixels appearing on the tile and slowly cover tile.


That's all my suggestions today.





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