OnWeaponHitCharacter, IsoObject IDs, and sendServerCommand

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Does anyone happen to know if OnWeaponHitCharacter will trigger when a zombie hits a player? I know zombies are IsoGameCharacters, but I'm unsure if a zombie hitting a player counts as a HandWeapon being used, so I'm unsure if this event will trigger when it happens. If not, does anyone know what event I should be hooking with to run code when a zombie strikes a player?

Additionally, can anyone explain the differences and/or purpose between the keyID field for IsoObjects and the ID field for MovingObjects? Can either of these be used to uniquely identify a IsoZombie or IsoPlayer? Specifically, can they be used to identify an IsoZombie or IsoPlayer by passing that keyID/ID value through a sendServerCommand/sendClientCommand and having the receiver check the keyID/ID against the list of players/zombies to find the specific character in question?

Lastly, I understand that sendServerCommand sends a command to the client that can then trigger the event OnServerCommand, but in a multiplayer game with multiple clients, how does one specify which client to send the command to? Does sendServerCommand send that command to all clients, or does the 'player' parameter of it determine which client it gets send to?

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