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Best Zombie Games

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1.  Project Zomboid  - Probably my favorite game ever. Thanks, Indie Stone!
2.  Dead Rising 2: Off The Record - Ridiculously fun; fixed a lot of issues I had with the "Standard" second one, and replaced the rather boring Protagonist from the "Standard" one with the really likable one from the first Dead Rising.
3.  Dead Rising - Honestly had a hard time putting this one below OTR; a lot of things were better in this one, like the Story or the general immersion. Absolutely love it but it's only 3rd place because of the atrocious survivor AI... Let's hope Project Zomboids survivors won't be like this!
4.  State Of Decay - I had a lot of fun with this one and I don't know why; It was clunky and buggy as hell, but it just felt very immersive for me, and I was kinda sad when a member of my community died. I tried out the second one but wasn't a fan of it at all, because I couldn't immerse myself in it. (Probably due to lack of Story)
Honorable Mentions:
Left 4 Dead 2 - Reason I didn't put this in my main list is because the "infected" aren't zombies. Everyone still calls them zombies though so I guess I'll just make it an honorable Mention.
Unturned - Used to be one of my favorite games, but it changed for the worse. Instead of continuing to be the PvE game it once was it became a PvP kit server battle royale cosmetic microtransaction fuckfest. Kinda sad.

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These are my favourites from survival, open-world/story and real-time-strategy.

Project Zomboid - Easily the best survival game I've ever played.

Dying Light - I've always been a big fan of open-world games, but adding zombies to an open-world GTA-style game makes it so much better for me. Having a focus on parkour in a zombie apocalypse was really interesting, since you've got to keep to the rooftops to stay away from the crowds of zombies. The story isn't amazing, but it's not that bad either. Open-world, Zombies and Parkour? Yes please.

They Are Billions - This is still a new game in early access. Growing up I mostly played RTS games, so adding hordes of zombies to an RTS game seemed like a fantastic idea. Manage resources, build your base, clear areas of zombies for expansion and defend against waves of zombies. With a campaign currently in the works, this one holds a lot of potential.

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1. Dying Light (PC, Xbox One and PS4)

Dying Light is the first proposal of Techland, the creators of Dead Island, within the zombie theme for the next generation consoles the PC. It is one of the best games of zombies that I have had the chance to enjoy my whole life. The concept of the open world coupled with parkour and the “realistic” approach that has this title makes it a jewel and makes it essential for any lover of the “devours brains.”

On a technical level, it is a delight because it presents a fantastic graphic finish, rich in details and outstanding both in character modeling as in scenarios, texturing and effects in general. This adventure presents us with a city infected with zombies that at night become much more numerous and dangerous.

Special mention deserves the day-night transitions and the challenges that await us in the dark, an element that gives the game a clear touch of terror and provides a unique experience.

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC

2. The Last of Us (PS3 and PS4-PS4 Pro)

this title, the concept of zombie receives a small twist but fits perfectly with the basic idea of it. Unlike the previous one, this game is developed in the third person and has a technical finish that we can not consider as a new generation.

Despite of, its graphics quality is excellent (especially in the remastered version), the setting is sublime and the enemies have a design that will make your hair stand on end on more than one occasion. The game has great voice acting and an incredibly harrowing story. In fact, it frequently sees comparisons to Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. You can gather terrific experience fighting the various kind of enemies.

Outstanding, so it remains one of the great reasons to buy a PS3-PS4.

Platforms: PS4, PS3

3. Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 (PC, Xbox 360, PS4 and Xbox One)

We put both games because they deserve it. Valve did an excellent job with the Left 4 Dead franchise and marked an authentic turning point in the genre, betting on the frenetic first-person action with a “film” type approach.

In both games, the frenzied action prevails, as we have said but oriented towards multiplayer, as we need our teammates to be able to face the legions of zombies that will besiege us throughout each level. Before dying the player will fight against the Zombie. Every character played their role perfectly to help and save their team. By the way, the game offers a short level for the players, as they are reaching at the certain area to escape the infected city.

Absolutely, recommendable and with a technical finish that continues to stand the test of time very well.

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox 360Xbox One 

4. Resident Evil Remake Remastered HD (PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4 and Xbox One)

Currently, it is possible to find a lot of zombie games on almost all platforms that exist, and if we look back and include previous generations we could make a huge list.

However, not all have the same quality and are not essential, so we wanted to make a special article in which we will leave a selection with ten zombie games for PC and consoles that we liked a lot and that you should not miss. In this series, the players follow staple characters. The game took some motivation from Alone in the Dark.

In this list, we have given space to titles devoted to the zombie theme both exclusively and combined with the supernatural and pure terror, although the first is always present to a greater or lesser extent. While you played through as Chris or as Jill, you gather one of the top most terrifying experience in the video game.

You can always leave your recommendations and opinions in the comments, Without more we started.

Platforms: PC, PS3 and PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo DS

5. Dead Light (Xbox 360 and PC)

A very original game that recovers the concept of legends like Flashback, although with an important update that is noticeable both in the animations and in the graphics quality in general.

Despite its apparent simplicity and the combination of a 2D development with three-dimensional scenarios, the game enjoys a very good graphics quality. The setting is also excellent and the gameplay quick and uncomplicated.

A challenge with an original focus and a story that hides a final surprise that obviously I will not essentially reveal.

Platforms: Xbox 360 PC

6. State of Decay (Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC)

This game presents an interesting combination of ideas that define it as a kind of GTA centered on a zombie apocalypse. The technical finish is quite good, the setting is very careful and has a simple but effective gameplay.

The day and night cycles are very well resolved and the feeling of constant tension when we go out to explore is noticeable throughout the game. The action matters, but we can not launch to kill zombies like “chicken without a head” since there are legions in that vast open world that the State of Decay presents and we will not get well stopped if we try. Mainly, the player is tasked to build their community and save this against from Zombies and enlisted new characters was a lot of fun.

Very fun, completely and truly recommended.

Platforms: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC


Full source here: https://bestgamesmag.com/best-zombie-games/

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