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Music on tape or CD and video tapes (Beta or VHS)

Luxus Zigard

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I don't know if someone has commented before, but it would be a great incentive to find music tapes or CDs to improve the happiness of the players, or be able to find video tapes that are played in their respective devices to gain happiness or improve Our skills.


In addition, I belong to a music band of Death Metal and we can offer our songs for free to help you in the advancement of your game.



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It'll happen at some point, After making the ApCom mod and integrating / improving on it when he became a dev, you can probably see why Turbo wanted to work on something else for a while.

20 minutes ago, Nebula said:

As we say - Promised for three years waiting!

Come back in a year. Perhaps nothing will change.

There's not a game in existence that doesn't have cut features at release or features pushed back when something more important comes along. Yet most of the time it's not met with butthurt, this form of disappointment being a staple of the games industry.


Most don't go in assuming every little thing discussed is a guarantee, promise, or commitment.


I don't know why it's different for PZ. It's not finished; There's still the potential the things we want will make it in, unlike if it were declared finished years ago.

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