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Smile, it`s about to be over!

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It has been a long time since I visited this place to pour my soul into a few words. I decided after a long hiatus to come back and see how my writings skills improved or decayed. My english might be slightly better than the last time but I can`t promise anything perfect :-D . Sit back, grab your reading glasses, and enjoy.

Edit: dont forget to leave ur feedback. It really keeps me going thru this! Thankies



For better imersion, I highly advice you to listen to this while reading.




Back in the days when my old man asked me to do something with my life so I could become a man there wasn`t much to choose from, you would either become a firefighter, a police officer or if you felt up for a challenge, join the military. Since my brother Michael was always the praised one for joining the ranks at such a young age, the day I hit the legal threshold I enrolled and got accepted. I have been preparing for that moment for 6 years, 3 months and 21 days of continous training. And it all worked out, just so I could get bossed around by him every single day of my life... until that morning. My name is Andrew Smith, and this is my transmission.

It was 4 AM when I heard the call, something unusual as they usually call us at 6. Something was wrong. They briefed us the mission to keep the Exclusion Zone perfectly sealed, but from who? They didnt answer us. We were forced to get there and shoot on sight anyone... or anything that comes at us. I was deployed at the edge of a thick forest, and anything that would come out of the forest had to be put down. Luckily, nothing came out in the first week. I heard rumours of people executed at the more crowded areas, and thats when I decided to investigate. I left my post to a friend, Garcia, and entered the forest. After walking for about a hour I spotted movement. Somebody was kneeling over what seemed to be a deer. I raised my weapon and asked the person to identify. He stood up, and turned around, only to see a mutilated, bloody, rotten face with half of its jaw ripped apart and consumed by maggots. He aproached me, making some moaning sounds. He began to run towards me, I had to put him down. And that was the first dead I had to put down. I understood everything now. But what if there were other people that didnt do that, and needed help? I sent a message to Garcia explaining the sittuation and he called me a madman, so I decided to go into the urban area, and thats where it all began. I remember walking slowly through the thick bushes and smelling rotten corpses ocasionally, it almost felt like I was back in the war. You know how they say about good times. They never last. They call me a nostalgic, indeed, but it wasnt the killing that got me hyped into warfare, but the fact that I was finally doing something useful. I felt needed and important. Saving people lives with the risk of my own life. Heroic? Maybe. But I didnt make a fuss out of it. Nobody did. We just got our orders complete and went home. But this, was different. Nobody was bossing me around, telling me who to kill or when to kill. I was self aware for the first time. But I had to cool down so I wouldnt become a maniac or something, and that is what happened shortly afterwards. I heards the screams of a woman as I was reaching the street, only to see her consumed by the dead when I got there. They were not that many, around a dozen, but I could not take on them silently, because a trench knife just wont do it, and firing a gun is clear suicide here. I finally understood, I am no hero here. I just have to hope fate will help me accomplish my mission. I am just an ordinary soldier, just like everyone else. I hit the road and reached the town. Shockingly, there werent so many dead. At least, not walking. What I noticed is the pressence of mass corpses gathered into piles. Maybe they solved the problem for themselves already? I thought so until I got to the town square. They were hundreds. Stinky, rotten, bloody. Hundreds. That is when I noticed something particular. There was a fortified store, with a huge ~ALIVE INSIDE~ spray painted on sheets that were hanging there. Luckily I had grenades with me, and I made a roundabout so I could lure the horde outside and threw one of them as far as I could, running afterwards. It worked. So I rushed inside the store, only to see... It was empty. Almost. I saw a military jacket hanging. I searched the pockets to find the dogtags of Michael. What happened there? There was no blood, no ruckus. Not even furniture. Only a carpet. And that carpet hid a basement entrance. As I got inside I noticed it was more of a menthal asylum rather than a basic basement. Medical tools everywhere, and what seemed to be a room used to isolate the patients. It had a strange feeling. The walls were all decorated with some kind of sickly drawn squares, and the door was broken.




Michael, where are you?




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Child, what you want to become?

When others are building your dreams

When all that is around

Has been directed or written?

Look out what you re giving for money

As all traps are set

You look straight into their eyes

And do not let them to change you.

Or did they?


Mom, dad! Please, I wanna sleep more! It is too early! Just five more minutes. No? Ok... But please bring me a glass of water. I am thirsty. And lonely. It is always dark here, I wish I could see, just like you do.Why do eyes have to be so fragile? So deceiving? We are not even sure that what we see is.. what we see. I smell waffles. Or is that pancakes? I cant know... I never saw either. I was born like this. I remember seeing You, but You are the one that sent me here.You are the worst. I never understood how mom and dad like You, You monster! If it wasnt for You we would all be home safe and warm and now here in the snow having to feel all of this! I could stay late more, I could go out with my friends, but YOU, YOU KILLED THEM ALL. I HATE YOU. But... I cant touch you. I wish I could. I wish I knew where You are right now and call everyone else with me and do what You did to us. I wish I could just poke out your eyes and feed them to yourself and then slitting your throat and pull them through there and feed them again and again to You until you die like the bastard You are. Your brother, perfection in person! He joined the military as fast as he could and served his country! He was always obsessed with becoming like You, and he was You. He was that side of You that always felt the need for order and justice. Then there was your eye obsession! Couldnt you just realise that even if they see, You are blind? Blind blind blind. How could you get bored of me so easily? Creating me as your reason to glorify all this sodomy and genocide and then sending this fake personna of you to erase me like I am some kind of book you can tear apart and burn? I am more than that. I am not your text, your creation. I am a person. I live, I breath, I fear death. And death fears me, because you made it to. And therefore I dont know where are you, but I will find you, and once I found you, I will make sure nobody will find You ever again. Not even here, where you left me to rot, in this world that is slowly fading away because you egocentrist dont get the attention you feel you should get from the people nobody cares about and care even less for You! Now... I guess you are going to send me back there, right? Please, stop Michael. I dont want to die, I dont want to end like this. If he finds me, he will ruin the chance of you meeting your well earned death, you scumbag. I hope you die.



Do you think I cannot call on my Father, and He will at once put at my disposal more than twelve legions of... demons.

Ah, o castitas Lilium, veni

I came here. I am deaf, blind, but I feel them all around me. They stink of sin and blood. All but one. He is pure, and I wish I understood what he is doing here, preaching to everyone about my cleansing. He felt familiar. He is familiar. He is family. I am his family. I was his family. I will be again his family. But not now, now my will is to cleanse.

Ah, o castitas Lilium, vidi

I saw, I saw for the first time. It was so beautiful. When he got through that stake I felt all the sins leaving him, only for prayers and good will to fulfill his body. I want to see again. And again. And again. And again. And again. Please, stop me. He is taking over me.

Ah, o castitas Lilium... Vici.

I won. You all are going to feed me. And it is all because... You wanted it to happen, didnt you? Eitherwise you would have stopped reading from the first word. Now they are all going to die. Thank you. See you soon.


This is sgt Andrew Smith... Or was it all the time?



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