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Chess of Confusion

So really old bugs and some ideas as well

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O.k to start of with the stone hammer as we all know you can build the frame but you can't build the main wall..it would be nice if that got fix in the next update.. especially when i'm trying to do.. a LP out in the woods.


This problem what i'm about to mention next below.. it has happen to me and properly you when you enter a house and while your looting through the house a zombie has snuck up on you and you've been scratch or bitten because this has happened.   


The next bug.. well it's not really a bug but more of a hindrance..it's when one of your pull down menu's are down and you mouse is in the menu box.. if you are like me.. and you like to press the RMB instead of CTRL and even then when you press CTRL....even tho you do go into an attack stance while pressing CTRL you can't attack while your mouse is still in the Box. And if your like me and press RMB you don't even go into an attack stance the only thing you can do is push them with the space bar. 


I've even change my button layout from CTRL to the left backslash because as everyone here know's when you hold down the CTRL you can individually select items and it was a pain in my ares every time i press CTRL i would go into an attack stance. 


Now on to the idea's i have.. in regards to the mouse in the box and unable to attack because a zombie has caught you off guard and you've panic... lol..if your mouse isn't over an item right clicking close's the menu  your maybe so other button can instead.


My other idea is with the wooden stairs.. allow us to build them at level 1 but give a % of there safety.. of them braking and us fulling through them and hurting our self's. And also give not only the stairs but the wall's as well a Deterioration rate...Not 100% sure if that's all ready in the game.... i know there is for food but wood i'm unsure of. 


Thank for you time...And Happy Killing tho's Z'z My zombie killing Brothers and Sisters.


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