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How to create new vehicle mods

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2 hours ago, Harra said:



I got the size correct by following your instructions. Unfortunately fog was filling my game haha.


Now the texture is needing work and i'll have to move the wheels with the script.


Any further tips?

Hey dude, I'm home now. If you want help getting the texture right, I'm up for it. Did you wanna over discord so we don't hijack the thread?

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Quick question, is it possible to add in custom parkingstall zones, Looking to make a custom "military" zone instead of using the original ones. Tried just adding it to the vehicles distribution file. (The one that controls their spawn chance) but i think im missing something.

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I have plans to create a M1A2 Abrams Tank.

But I wonder, is it possible to make the turret of the tank to rotate around or will it just be static? Same goes with the M2 .50 Cal Machine gun, I'm guessing I would need to wait for the AnimTools to do all these things right? Being able to jump on the tank, get inside the tank, move the turret and the main cannon, have the character sit behind the M2 .50 Cal Machine gun and have it move around the tank like aiming a gun, obviously all that has to do with Animations, but Will the AnimTools support that? Giving "Cars" animations so a player can interract with it?

Then I wonder, is it possible to create Special/Unique spawning points only for the M1A2 Abrams Tank?
So one could make so the Tank only spawns in Military bases for example.

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On 8/22/2018 at 7:18 PM, RingoD123 said:








Front right door


Rear right door


Front left door


Rear left door


Front right window


Rear right window


Front left window


Rear left window




Rear Glass


Front left guard


Rear left guard


Front right guard


Rear right guard




Right headlight


Left headlight


Right tail light


Left tail light


Right brake light


Left brake light


Right flashing beacon (The lightbar)


Left flashing beacon (The lightbar)




Boot / Trunk door




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On 4/27/2020 at 6:29 PM, ZombiesLoveBrainiacs said:

In this image, the scratches look as expected, the dents are brown instead of grey, and the rust is... on fire? It even glows in the dark 😮




edit: ok, the rust glitch was because I set rust to "100" instead of "1"

AHAHHHHHAAHHAHA Man, what did you do with my UAZ-452??? My God, this is the best thing I've ever seen

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I know this is a pretty old thread but, I was joking around with my buddy and he wanted to drive around on a segway as a security guard... so I modeled a low poly mock up as a joke and was trying to make it usable in game... Alas I suck and had no luck... I wanted to make it function mostly like a car but with infinite gas, I think the way the vehicles work is by replacing the character as the controllable object? is there a way I could pose and apply the character to appear on it as they drive around? Thanks for the help... Or for laughing... 


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