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"don't fall off from stairs"

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zombies pushed downstairs should be more vulnerable to pushing back,easier to knocked down,eventually get injuries from falling.

domino effect also would be something worth of watching if we have to fight off more than one zombie.

these features would be especially useful to everybody who decides to have safehouse on higher floors.

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That is a good idea. It would be nice if they were impassible to each other too. It would make the crowds look more impressive and they could get knocked into each other, and it would be funny to see them tumble down stairs.


I remember mentioning sometime similar about the pushing of zombies in a suggestion long ago, but unfortunately as far as I know it has never changed. That's where when you shove a zombie, they have a predefined duration of backwards stagger which doesn't seem to take any environmental concerns into account and they also seem to be invulnerable during the stagger animation. You can shove a zombie 2ft from a wall and they'll do the same long backwards stagger they do outside with nothing blocking them. They should thump into the obstacle and stop staggering, and be able to be melee struck while staggering regardless.

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