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Inventory column width

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This has been suggested years ago, and never really got any play.... so I thought I'd suggest it again, along with the quick fix that I'm using.


I've always found that before I could start playing the game, I'd have to resize the "TYPE" column in the inventory window because it was too narrow and did not show the quantity of most long named items (such as ORGM ammo names)...  However, every once in awhile, more often than not, closing and reopening the inventory window later would reveal the column width had reset back to default....


So rather than wait for a fix, I just made a simple mod to change the default size of the "TYPE" column width.


What I did was create my mod folder called "Inventory Column Mod"

Here : Users/user/ProjectZomboid/mods/Inventory Column Mod

Created the necessary mod.info file the mod folder as such :

      name=Inventory Column Mod
      description=Fixes Backwards Column width distribution.


Then placed the file ISInventoryPane.lua

Found here : Steamapps/common/ProjectZomboid/media/lua/client/ISUI

Into my newly created mod directory : Users/user/ProjectZomboid/mods/Inventory Column Mod/media/lua/client/ISUI


With the appropriate changes to lines (1971-1972)

      o.column2 = 30;

      o.column3 = 140;


The value signifies where the column ends, so column2 the "ICON" extends 30 pixels to the right which is very narrow, and column3 "TYPE" extends 140 pixels to the right still too narrow for this column (imo). Both starting points relative to these values is the furthest left border. This leaves the remaining lion-share of several hundred pixels for the "CATEGORY" column…

For the resolution and settings I am using, and a PS3 controller… (controller changes the way inventory windows appear)…. These settings seem to work much better…

      o.column2 = 30;

      o.column3 = 400;


Presto!!!  columns are sized correctly and do not revert back to backwards mode....  Yay!!



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