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Character Died In Sleep to Sickness, Body Vanished


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Good afternoon.


I am reporting a bug in "Project Zomboid" concerning sickness.


My character got sick and, as everyone knows, that's a death sentence unless you have Antiboitics. I tried to feed her and he lp her sleep, but when I went to bed, she died in her sleep. In her Inventory , she had a Tote Bag as a secondary item and a Big Hiking Bag on her back, as well as a wealth of rarer items and skill magazines in her arms. Note that she died in the bed while the sleep clock was skipping forward.


When she died, I started as a new character and went to where she died. I found the Tote Bag, but my previous character's body and everything in the Big Hiking Bag were completely gone. I tried to disassemble the bed, only to find nothing underneath or near it.


What happened? Did I do something wrong?



Thank you for any assistance you may render.


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This is not a bug.

If you have the settings 'Everyones Infected' turned on (or you were scratched/bit), and a low 'Reanimate' time (1-2 hours etc) this could happen.


It sounds like you died because of your sickness, and then your corpse has reanimated, and its resulting corpse has wandered away. When this happens, it drops whatever is *equipped*, but anything in it's inventory/wearing/back is kept on the zombie. 

Check the surrounding area for the zombified version of your character. 

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