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[Build 40.9] TV shows exploit

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Nice find! I was wondering that myself when we left our multiplayer server just after the show (the server pauses) and upon reconnecting we had another show running.


I think it can be only repeated to a certain amount though, not necessarily infinite buy depending on the time setting, XP multiplier and electricty – plus I'd still take decent amount of game time depending whether you have book bonus and fast/slow learner. Since TV shows normally start precisley at 6:00, 12:00, 18:00 and 24:00 and they only appear if there's enough time for them to finish (2 RL minutes? 3? haven't check that), you only fit several depending on the time settings before the new show is scheduled to arrive. With slow reader, just keeping with the books read to keep up with bonuses is challenging enough! And add on top of that time to schedule for base building, scavenging and taking care of needs.


I wish the system would be further improved though. Currently it seems that only TV gives you the bonuses, haven't seen anything in radio, and mostly (only?) the life and living channel and it's mostly carpentry and cooking, with no metalwork, electricity, mechanic and first aid at all (from the skills that have books). There was mention of recording the programs too, which would be great for characters that spawn after the initial 2 weeks, since it's about the time the broadcast are still there. The current hours (6, 12, 18, 24) are not really realistic too, especially since when you have all channels on, everything starts at the same time – realistically there would be actual timeline for different programs, would be great for having to know the hours your program broadcast. But I diverge, as it's more a matter for suggestion and not directly related to actual bug report :).

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