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Good morning.


I am filing a bug report for the following issue:




As you can see in the attached image, for some reason, when I use the "PICK UP" command for a church pew, the pew makes a shadow to its right (if the left is touched) and vice-versa (if the right is touched) and, despite saying I can lift the pew, clicking on it yields no results. I tried multiple pews in the church, and all of them do this odd glitch.


What do you think is happening? Is there a means to rectify it?



Thank you.



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Relocated attached picture

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8 hours ago, Faalagorn said:

According to the image, it seems that the pew protrudes to the wall, nice find. Can you post a PZMap location too?


No, the "ghost" image of the pew is what's potruding through the wall. The ACTUAL pew is placed correctly. The part through the wall is the transluecent image you see when you are placing or picking up something. The glitch is the pew, not the church.


As for the image, I long deleted the original, which had the exact coordinates, and I got bitten almost immediately after the picture, which meant I had to revert to my last backed up save (losing several days work, but hey, it's all part of the game).


If I ever see the church again, I'll tell the coordinates.

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im getting this at the moment in a church in Riverside. i cant pickup/dismantle any of the pews.



i am running hydro though. it sa shame i was going to clean out the church and make a nice base


interestingly this church has a sealed off room. i havnt found a sledge yet to crack it open. hopefully its not the door to hell


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This is the exact same issue that many shelves have that are placed as shorter versions of the full shelf. They aren't tied to any part of the map, but any instance of a longer object (pews, shelves) that are shorter than what the furniture system recognizes that they should be.

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