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Signs stay on broken window

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Signs and drawings that are visible on windows, such as For Lease, 24 hours, All U Can Eat or BA, KE, RY signs in Muldraugh, stay there (and can't be picked) when the window is smashed, including when the glass is removed. You can go through them if you want, too.



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Added All U Can Eat

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I checked all of these locations again and it seems that the issue is still there as of 41.34 – might be hard to fix easily though (ideally, they just should disappear; they are writing after all), but I'm bumping the thread to let you know :).


The For Lease sign though, can be picked now, but it doesn't disappear and you can pick it over and over again!108600_20200411113415_1.thumb.png.372e2d670293e8039caa90ac40642c39.png

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15 hours ago, Pandorea said:

Still there in our list of things to fix at some point, too ;)

Thanks! Glad to know it wasn't missed in the vast majority of reports, if it's known then I bet might be more complicated to fix, I'll be on lookout and retest when I spot something in patch notes eventually!

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