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Infinite 'tiles' bug

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While I was out and about shopping through Rosewood looking for some nice tiles for my backyard, I found a bug.
These "Brown Tiles" are infinite and you can grab as many as you like.  (It was the same for the backyard too, I assume across the whole map)

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Guess I'll use this bug, since it's the newer one :P. I verified the bug is still present in the most recent 40.3 weather test and even with low carpentry failing doesn't remove the tile, so you can try as much as you want on one tile.


Also leaving PZMap coordinates to know the location of the tiles (it's a Gated Community in Rosewood): https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.3307906557183867,0.27850426702886366,120.78169025894304

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