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Scrambled tiles around the Muldraugh North Files that were OK in previous builds

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It seems that some tiles got scrambled/rotated in between the builds. These tiles were looking correct the last time I played a year ago, but some map addition probably caused them to appear scrambled, which might be related to this bug where according to a post from @EasyPickins generating cells again helped or this bug which remained unfixed in 39.67.5 (I have yet to verify it on 39.68).


I was certain I found another similar location with scrambled tiles around Muldraugh, but since I can't find it now in my screenshots, let me post about the one I know about: North from Muldraugh North Farm: current vs how it used to look like.


I compared the current version with the Alexandria 2015-07-22 as the wrong tiles seems to be there also in build 38 map.



There's also this issue I spotted in North Muldraugh Large Warehouse, but it's not visible in PZMap:


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Unfortunately these two bugs are still there in the most recent 40.3 weather build, even if the map had to be regenerated (I started a brand new game with a new character to verify):




EDIT: I think there's more issue with that particular tiles, just take a look at this screenshot:


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