Rugs and Children Paintings should be picked as whole, not tile-by-tile
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I think those are remnants of the old system when you could only pick one tile objects and those items could be picked one tile at a time. However, across the updates you can now pick multi-tile signs and things such as Map of USA as whole, so I think this mechanic should apply to the following items as well:

  • Fancy Brown Rug (6 tiles)
  • Dark Purple Rug (6 tiles)
  • Child's Drawing in Muldraugh Elementary School (5 tiles)
  • Children Drawing in Muldraugh Elementary School (3 tiles)
  • Door Mat Rug (2 tiles)

Here's the picture of all these tiles and a Map of USA for comparison put inside a container.


There are probably more of these items, the first place to look for them would be the "_Rug" named tiles but I posted only the ones I personally experienced myself.


EDIT: Forgot to add that there was also some lightning errors with the children paintings, not sure if they are related to this issue:



Edited by Faalagorn
Verified it's still there in 40.3

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5 hours ago, MrCouper said:

I do agree with you, the rugs issue is a tad annoying when also the tiles for rugs cannot be rotated which I find tedious. Still looking for that nice rug in the direction I'd like ;) hehe

I want to have an option to rotate (and build) everything 4-sides! I recently mentioned somewhere inability to choose a direction where double doors open too, which is troublesome when a tree decides to grow on you. 


I hope the bugs/inconsistencies will get nailed down first though, so at least we have a good starting to adding the missing sprites/mechanics to the remaining items that can't be rotated properly :).

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