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Edit Sandbox Setting while Solo Playing

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Hello, how is everyone doing?

I tried posting this on the suggestions forums, but it's greyed like it's disabled. If a moderator can move this to the suggestion area I'd be very grateful.

This is my first time posting. I don't know if this was asked before, so excuse me in advance.


So, the title sums up everything. I'd like to ask for an option to change sandbox setting while playing solo, just like multiplayer servers admins can. 
I know there are some unofficial ways to do this, like creating a new game and copy/pasting a specific file. I tried it once, but besides the inconvenience and the big possibility of breaking the save file, it ended up turning water and power back on and zombies spawned all over places I had cleaned, even inside my safehouse.


So, in conclusion: please provide us solo sandbox players an official option to change our setting without creating a new game from scratch or a MP server to play alone. I know nothing about programming, but I think this should be a simple thing to add to the game.


Anyways, keep up the great work and thanks for this amazing game which I'm a huge fan of. And I apologize for any mistakes regarding posting rules.

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Hope this is not against the guidelines somehow, but I guess since it's sandbox... it can't realy hurt (especialy since there are many mods that make much more drastic changes to the game).


You can already achieve this using an hex editor on some of your savefile (usualy found under C:\Users\[your user name]\Zomboid\Saves\Sandbox\[name of the save if you put one or a timestamp by default, this folder name can be edited without messing anything up and it "rename" your save]).


The file you're probably wanting to edit in there, and probably only that file, is map_sand.bin


Each settings have multiple value position from 1 and up depending on how many options there is for the setting.  You might have to do some tests creating new saves to check wich settings you want so you input the proper value.


I found this trick when I wanted to "speed-up" a game where I put real-time and got bored of waiting on speed +++ for the time to pass through.  This can also be especialy useful for those that want specialized custom sandbox settings like "no zombies" for a week, then increasing manualy the zombie population settings as time pass.


I don't think there are any real exploit possible through editing only map_sand.bin as these only affect the sandbox options...


Have fun :-D


Edit : Changing zombie population (either way) behave somewhat differently as changing time, loot respawn, etc, since zombie count depend on spawning (and killing them to lower the count). Loot rarity will probably work only when you reach previously unseen chunk and/or on loot respawn. Temperature, rain, time, nature abundance, etc, should all have immediate effects I figure. Anyway, have fun experimenting since as long as you use a hex editor (not Notepad) and you stick to that single file I mentioned, you'll be fine :)

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Also, the option to post in the suggestion forum depends on the number of post you have to prevent extra duplicates of existing suggestions (i.e. you can initially respond to suggestions but not make new ones). The post number is fairly low so as long as you respond to a few posts including this one, you should be good to go in no time.


Please try to research a little before posting suggestions though. Some common suggestions along with their answer from the devs have been pinned in the suggestion forum so things like personal hygiene (generally no except for cloths maintenance along with the upcoming new animations that will show stuff on your clothes - children and kid is also a no - just take a look at that pinned thread before posting :)). A few keywords search such as "solar", "boat", "smelting", "forging", "recycling"... and even "ropes" might show you one or more posts where ideas were put out (and sometimes died down).


Don't be put out by this, this community is extremely friendly as a rule of thumb… the moderators and the devs are chill, you'll see it's a fun forum to hang around.


P.S. : Next time post in the main general discussion if you got general questions about the game or this game's forum. This general "talk about anything" forum does not get the same views and attention.

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