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How to connect a map?


Hey. Sorry for my English. How can I connect a map to a dedicated server on the host? What and where to write? Where to install?

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If you want to add a map mod to your server, you need to find your servertest.ini file in the Server folder.
When you open it, you need to add the mod info to the lines in the file.
I will be using the NewDenver mod as an example.

In the workshop you can see all the necessary info at the bottom of the mod info.

Workshop ID: 532252577
Mod ID: NewDenver
Map Folder: NewDenver

So in the servertest.ini you need to add this info to these lines:

Map=NewDenver;Muldraugh, KY

After that just save the servertest.ini and start the server. The mod should download and load into the server properly.

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