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New Dawn Mini Games Server


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Howdy everyone!

Starting next week, we will be opening our second server for some NON-RP fun. We will be having mini-games at specific times that will allow us to have a little PZ mayhem and cater to more than just our RP friends.

Our various mini-games will consist of, but aren't limited to:

Single/Duo Survival vs Zombies
Group Survival vs Zombies
Capture the Spiffo

Week Long Building Contests
Demolition Derbies
Automobile Races
Escape the Zombie Filled Maze
PVP Survival (In the style of Hunger Games)
Battle Royale

Each of these games will run at random times on our second server, so please join us at: https://aggressivegaming.org/ and look for our mini games forum. 

Our FIRST games will be Single/Duo Survival, and will take place 7/11 and 7/12. Come join us and compete or cheer/jeer other players.

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