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Cannot Draw Water From Stolen (Naturally Spawned) Rain Barrel

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Good afternoon.


After having discussed an issue on the General Thread, several people revealed to me that I am experiencing a bug instead of ignorance.



Good afternoon.


In my current game, I stole a Rain Barrel from some farmer's shed and placed it at my base.




As you can see, the Rain Barrel quickly filled up to the top over the next month or two. The problem is that I cannot collect water from it! I have a butt ton of empty Cooking Pots ready to go, and this Rain Barrel is conveniently accessible next to my farm (left).


What am I doing wrong? Right clicking it does nothing. Trying it through my pots does nothing. I tried to place a sink next to it, but it didn't work. Why can't I collect water directly out of the Rain Barrel?


Thank you for any assistance you may give me.





You can also see the issue by clicking this link.



Thank you for any assistance you may have.


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