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[24/7] Evolution BETA - Zombies evolve every week, ends 06 July

Come try Evolution. It runs for 4 real weeks and the zombies evolve every real week. They spread across the map, their senses improve, they get smarter. The server is online 24/7 for 4 real weeks which is almost 2 years in-game. The settings are "mid-core" survival, more immersive than default but not too hard. How long can you survive? This is the first BETA game which ends 06 July.




Port: 56261

(No password)

West Coast, US

32 players


Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/Qycaref


Q1: What is Evolution?


A1: The server runs continually 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, for 4 real weeks. The time compression is the normal 1 real hour equals 1 game day. That means the world exists for 672 game days. Every real week (168 game days, or about 6 game months) the zombies and game world evolve.


The first evolution happens at the end of the 7th real day. The zombies get longer memories, which means they chase survivors further, and they also appear outside of the towns.  The world gets darker, especially at night. Loot respawn slows down.


The second evolution happens at the end of the 14th real day. The zombies get better sight, which means they can spot you from further away. It rains more. Loot respawn slows down.


The third and last evolution happens at the end of the 21st real day. The zombies randomly are able to navigate better, and some can even open doors. The world gets colder. Loot respawn slows down, to approximately half of its original speed.


Q2: What happens to new players? 


A2: The server becomes increasingly challenging for new players, or for respawned characters who do not have a safehouse. In order to compensate for that, two things change every week. The new spawn locations changes every real week, and new players appear in towns that have been looted less frequently. Also, new character start with better equipment every week. For example, in the first week characters start with a butter knife and a ripped sheet, but in the fourth week characters start with an axe and a sterilized bandage.

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