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Force Close Menu: Car Disappeared

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Good afternoon.


Okay, so I've been playing the game for a few days and, much to my chagrin, I got bitten by  a zombie. I deployed CTRL-ALT-DELETE and reloaded from the last auto-save. Fortunately, that was right be for I got nailed by a classic Bathroom Zombie, so I lost no progress.


I looted that jackpot of a house and went down to my vehicle.


It was gone.


Now, I'm stuck too far away to get home AND I lost my preexisting loot in the car.


The game saved correctly in the auto-save, and I've loaded the save files, which are all in order. -but my car is gone. The cars near the jackpot house? Oh no, they're there. Only MY car is gone. -and my car key isn't gone, either!


What am I to do?


Thank you for any assistance.



P.S.:  My version is V41.2 .



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The cars are saved somewhat differently from normal saves. Meaning that if you force close the game your car can disappear even if everything else is intact.

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Why? This is a bug that should be addressed. Why not encode cars into the code with all the other BIN files?


Today, it happened because of a power outage, and I can't recover from a backup on that.


I guess I'll just use the Necro Forge to spawn my car back...

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