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Some spices and medical plants satiate hunger but have no nutrition

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Not counting the Grill Cheesed cheese I mentioned in my other bug report, evolved items that inherit the value and edible items that satiate no hunger, there are 7 items that contribute to hunger, but give no nutrition according to what's in files – I reported the issue back when nutrition was in testing.


These items are:

From items.txt:

  • Salt (Salt)
  • Pepper (Pepper)
    Both are used as spice, but can also be eaten alone which results in unhappy but satiated character, but without any nutritional values or calories. I assume adding spices correctly adds nutrition values to dishes too (none in case of those two), since other spices have nutrition values.


From newitems.txt:

  • CommonMallow (Common Mallow)
  • LemonGrass (Lemon Grass)
  • BlackSage (Black Sage)
  • Ginseng (Ginseng)
    These four are obtained from foraging – while these are used for medicinal purposes they satiate 1 hunger each, so you can keep your character alive by eating those but give no nutritional values and calories at all. 


From farming.txt:

  • RemouladeFull (Remoulade)
    Remoulade is sad, as it can not be used as a spice, unlike Ketchup, Mayonaise, Marinara, nor it is usable in any evolved recipe – but when it comes to eating it alone, it contributes no nutritional value while making your character sad but satiated.
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Verified it's still there in 40.3

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One of the most recent 39.68 fixed the issue of foraged medicine and remoulade to not have nutritional values. Although the remoulade still can't be used as a spice or ingredient in (evolved) recipes, it also made it spawn 3-4x less than mayonnaise, which is good given it's less common and until it'll be usable, at least you'll have to worry about it a little less :).


The salt and pepper still miss any nutrition, which I also confirmed by taking nutritionist perk:









While at it, I also noticed that you can (as expected, since it's food) see the nutrition values for other odd food. I mentioned those issues in my old post from build 34 but since most were already fixed, let me recap them here (in order they appeared in inventory this time):

  • Antibiotics (Antibiotics) [newitems.txt #4677] – unlike other medicine you take (Antidepressants, Beta Blockers, Painkillers, Sleeping Tablets and Vitamins) that are drainable, it's a food (Category: Food) with CustomContextMenu   =   Take (different from other pills' "Take Pills" context menu by the way). It satiates no hunger, unlike the foraged medicine that was being mentioned before. Originally I wanted to suggest antidepressants to be drainable just like the others, but maybe the other way around, make the other pills food type? After all, you digest them similar to foraged medicine and each pill could satiate 1 hunger and give 0.1 calories as well. The only problem is that changing item type would cause all the existing items to disappear (but for that reason, a TeaBag2, Coffee2, Soap2, DigitalWatch2 items were created) and that currently there are no different boxed and single pill items. Antibiotics are assumed to be single item (even if the image shows a group of the pills), but Antidepressants, Beta Blockers, Painkillers, Sleeping Tablets and Vitamins all in packages which are drainable. I'd love to see see box of pills and individual pills similar to ammo boxes, nail boxes, screw boxes, seed packages etc. – some mods already do that – but on the other hand I understand how the pills wanted to be drainable, used up each time without the option to refill and spawning partially used – ideally I'd love to see the whole system unification where you can use out items – be it food (cigarettes, egg carton), pills or ammo directly out of the box without actually unpacking it all, but that requires a new system. You can already eat or add food to the recipe in part which is similar to drainable items such as sugar, vinegar, yeast, but it currently doesn't subtract weight properly and food items always spawn as whole. I'd love to see that improved, but it's a matter for a different suggestion. Until then, it would be nice for it to have DisplayCategory = Item similar so at least it will sort properly.


  • Cigarettes (Cigarettes) [items.txt #2668] – food (Category: Food) with CustomContextMenu = Smoke. Similar to antibiotics, I'd love to see individual cigarettes and a matching box, especially as the icon and name wouldn't be that confusing then. I think it should have DisplayCategory = Item since technically it isn't food.


  • EggCarton (Egg Carton) [newitems.txt #1308] – it's a carton of packed eggs, similar to the seeds or ammo boxes. Similar to Antibiotics and Cigarettes, having a drainable box would be nice, but until then I think it should have a Packaged = TRUE tag as well as nutrition facts filled to match 12 eggs it consist (which is funny, as icon suggests 8 eggs inside, maybe something to take a look too).


  • Teabag2 (Tea Bag) [newitems.txt #1492] – technically it could have some nutrition values similar to the new Coffee2 item, so they could be used for evolved recipe but the problem is that it have barely any nutrients IRL :).


  • Bleach (Bleach) [newitemst.txt #3352] – and finally, bleach. Food with DisplayCategory = Item CustomContextMenu = Drink, also poison to add to food or to (try to) end your life, but drinking it surprisingly can be survived, especially with iron gut perk and a healthy character. It would be funny to add nutrition to it (good luck making them up!), but they don't write it on package, so even if it's technically packaged, Packaged = TRUE would make no sense. It would add to the meta-game when technically a nutritionist could spot something wrong with the dish nutrition values if it had added bleach by comparing the nutrition values, though I honestly can't see anyone doing that. While at it, it would be nice if it would properly leave Empty Bleach Bottle after drinking and the option to empty it (for whatever reason).


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It goes a bit beyond the scope of the bug report, but in a case if you'd be looking at those unusual food items, consider looking over for Packaged and CantBeFrozen tags, with the latter taking into consideration my 3rd bullet point from this thread: 



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