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top of crates and player collision


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Hello everyone


My suggestion is rather simple in its basic form: I would like for crates that are stacked to a height of 3 to count as floor tiles for the next higher level.


A more advanced form of the request, that may be much more difficult to implement would be, that crates could be climbed and walked on, no matter if and how many times they were stacked, for as long as only the height of a single crate is scaled at once.


What I definitely would like to see avoided/addressed is, that when I fall into crates from a higher floor, I get stuck in between them. Please make it either so, that there is room between them to squeeze through or that there is no room at all so we also can't get stuck in there. Now it seems more like a technical error than an intended mechanic.


Thank you for reading my suggestion.

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