[AT/EU] Sunrise 3xXP|Hydrocraft|24/7|Restricted PVP|Safehouses

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the european server


[AT/EU] Sunrise 3xXP|Hydrocraft|24/7|Restricted PVP|Safehouses




30 Slots


is ready for new players.


Additional Maps (not as Spawning Points)

New Hamilton, OH
Bedford Falls
Muldraugh Nature Reserve


Started 15.06.2018. With lower loot, long loot respawn (1o days).

Server hosted on dedicated hardware in the hetzner datacenter in nueremberg/germany.


Discord server https://discord.gg/ESM6U2


(Discord server not yet fully set up :)


Feel free to give suggestions on the discord server.


- Ixolan


Edited by Ixolan
Downsized server for the start, added more maps

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