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Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead (Zombie Roguelike)


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Free and Open Source. Over 100 people have contributed code. Daily builds. Anyone is welcome to help. This game has a massive number of 

features and more get added all the time. 


-- Can build and take apart just about everything in the game including guns, cars, buildings, etc...

-- location based damage and encumbrance system 

-- Many types of zombies to add difficulty and variety

-- many sci-fi elements such as advanced science labs, FEMA Camps, Military Bunkers, robots, etc... 

-- Complex survival game that requires eating, drinking, purifying water, staying warm, avoiding radiation, and bad weather

-- massive procedurally generated game world. 

-- many, many types of buildings

-- can burn or blow up just about anything

-- several tile sets 

-- huge variety in play styles do to many skills, traits, stats, mutations, and bionics. 


There is a link to GITHUB on the main page and you can read at the recent commits. 

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