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FLASH Megatest IV: Vehicular Testslaughter [Key Giveaway!]

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Hey guys- we've got another multiplayer madness megatest for anyone who'd like to participate! The Spiffospace server is running the cutting edge IWBUMS build we released today with many improvements across the board for vehicles and general playability.


All we need is for you to be running around on the server for an hour or so, and it’ll probably be quite a fun escapade.



The event is NOW OVER but still feel free to play around on the server and see if you can find any bugs and/or just have fun!


No free codes will be handed out beyond the end of the event. Keep an eye out for the next test for more chances to win free codes!




*Join the IWBUMS testing branch of the game. If you don't know how, follow the instructions here.

*Join the official Spiffospace server through the game's server listing.




  • Please report any buginess, crashes, etc that you find here in this thread. This test is to check on multiplayer stability and general playability of the build. Any feedback you guys can leave for us here would be much appreciated!

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I also got stuck in a bed that was in front of a window, not sure if it`s a bug, but just to let you guys know :)


Thanks for the key <3

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This event is now over, but the server remains up.


If people have the time this evening to play then we'd be extremely grateful.


This is the release candidate for the first vehicles patch, so any feedback around unexpected/new issues and general stability is really important for us.

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I don't know if this counts as a bug, but I found when I stood with a car ontop of two zombie corpses the car would slowly slide to the one side, without me doing anything until it stopped by touching the wall or something.

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First of all, thanks for the key I won! My friend that got it just bought the new CPU, so I guess he'll give the game another chance :D.


As for the whole test – initially I was playing with -safemode because the game couldn't launch for me at first (that got fixed automagically, so was something on my side) and I noticed that I experienced a lot of black tiles occurring randomly when driving a car. Not sure if that was my GPU (Radeon RX 580 with newest open source mesa graphics on Linux, they got better but still sometimes tend to get visual glitches, compare with this community-made list – no PZ there, but other games that have graphical glitches), but it may be worth checking (launch PZ with compatibility mode option via Steam).


The friend I gave the key said he have severe lags particurarily in vehicles, but his CPU was the weak spot (2-core Pentium E6600).

Other than that, there are some minor quality of life changes I'd love to see in game, but the only ones directly related that comes to my mind and are related to vehicles are the following three ones:

  • Most vehicle menu options not available via right mouse button – you basically have to click V to see the option to close doors or trunks (or use E to get inside, but that's handy) – it would be nice if there would be alternative way to access most of the option via right click, as that's how most of the game is operated (aside from picking furniture, but you do pick generators and corpses via right click, I posted about that before too).
  • I'm not sure if it's planned or not, but while I really love seeing when the window is opened in car, I'd love to see a visual indicator for opened doors, trunk or hood – ideally if they would be animated, but a some placeholder info for open doors would be nice at least, so I don't have to check all 4 doors + trunk + hood (you can lock all doors, but I find it not reliable and it doesn't close the trunk and hood IIRC).
  • It's nice to have a hotkey to access the vehicle info, but it's problematic if you press it while in car and your character decided to walk out. It would be nice if the key would only work when the vehicle is stopped.
  • It's aesthetics only, but it would be nice if the right click menu "Walk to" and other options such as remove grass were disabled by the time you are in care.
  • It would also be nice to have requirement to fasten your seat belts (or else you receive heftier damage or even die instantly upon crashing), but I think it was suggested before).
  • Pressing S should also automatically ignite the car (ideally both this and pressing W to auto ignite could be an option to turn off in options, just like the reloading difficulty)
  • It would be nice if the car could highlight when hovering over a key, just like the house keys do.

It's mostly out of my head, so I may be wrong on some of these points, but I'll let you know if there's something else :).

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As far as server goes, not sure if it's affected, but you can take a look at this bug report: https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/23977-dedicated-server-restart-clears-safehouses/ – if what's written here is true, maybe that needs some looking (maybe make it the default option)? Insert other media

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