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[Idea] Designated multiplayer mode with factions

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I keep thinking about this idea for multiplayer that I'd really love to see implemented and if it was I'd definitely host a server for it. I'll attempt to bullet point to make this as digestible as possible


 - First and foremost it'd need a multiplayer custom map because there would be factions involved that would have home bases. The bases could be a small walled off town/prison/junkyard you know, stolen ideas from the walking dead. 

 - When you create a character you choose a faction and spawn within the home base walls. Factions should get balanced bonuses that are unique to the faction to hopefully encourage diversity in factions chosen. You can not hurt people in your faction, only people out of it.

 - Between the faction bases there is a zombie ridden desolate town with plenty to loot, loot respawns in the town regularly, and more heavily in important areas, (hospital, fire station, etc). The idea is that this encourages players to go scavenge regularly, but at the risk of zombies and potentially encountering an enemy faction on the way.


So those are the basics, Zomboid the MMO. I kept it without specifics because I'd rather not debate balancing/technical issues and just give my thoughts on (what i think) would be a fun multiplayer experience.


One last thing to mention is it should be heavily customizable. All the usual stuff (zombie spawn rate, loot spawn rate, leveling rates, etc.) but also due to the nature of death being more likely perhaps permadeath could be optional, but instead change it to a penalty system (drop all your loot, lose 10% of your experience from all skills). Whether or not bases can be raided or are impregnable by the enemy teams could also be an option. 


I just think of all the stuff you see in shows and comics that would be fun to attempt in the game. Setting up vehicle barricades, planting explosives, luring a horde of zombies in front of the enemy faction's base, building sniper towers. 


Well I think this is long enough, I'm just rambling out ideas at this point so I'll cap it here. Hope you all like my thoughts and have some input. Maybe someone knows of planned features I don't, or a mod out there that offers similar gameplay.

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