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Kiwi Studio

Infinite Dust- Procedural game

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Our Journey

We are a small team of 2 developers based in Switzerland. We embarked on this adventure 4 years ago. Our project is called “Infinite Dust” and is a Procedural Space Sandbox (yes, another one!).

Project History

The project was initiated by 2 gaming-enthusiasts in July 2014. It’s important to know that at the time we started creating it, this style of game didn’t really exist yet; “No Man’s Sky” and others had hardly emerged. Nevertheless, we didn’t walk away from our universe and continued developing it.


Game description

Infinite Dust is a RPG/FPS (action, aventure, construction), game that takes place in our galaxy, which is colonized by men in a distant future. As a player, you are an explorer of “The Fleet”, a wandering faction in space on the haunt of new habitable planets where you will be able to establish outposts or new colonies. Your main goal is to survive by exploring your environment and exploiting the mineral resources of planets, asteroids and moons – or exploring ruins of forgotten civilizations, shipwrecks and other vestiges from previous wars.

As an explorer you will have to be ingenious in the designing and construction of structures that will be able to protect you from wildlife and climate. You will also have to manage the building of vehicles in order to move on land and in the air, which will then end up in becoming even larger vessels to help you explore the interstellar space and its dangers by travelling over longer distances. All these features are possible thanks to a current catalogue of 250 items, including building blocks, modules, mechanisms, consumables etc.


At the moment, there is no such thing as a scenario for the game yet. We would rather describe it as a background in which the universe of Infinite Dust was embedded. The player is free to choose whether he wants to privilege the exploration or the mining of minerals for the construction; in the end, the aim stays the same: to survive and expand your territory.

However, if the project reaches a sufficiently advanced stage of development, we will set up a narrative plot in the form of quests, which will lead the player onto several planets. All this in parallel to the progress of the player, in order to unlock some unique items in the game.


Demo: gamejolt

Video: youtube



Facebook:  facebook InfiniteDust
Twitter: twitter Infinite Dust


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Hello everyone !

After your feedback on version 0.2.2 of the prototype, we are currently working on the development of version 0.2.3! On the menu: complete redesign of the items catalog and craft components, improvements and bug fixes in the inventory and in the building system, add of new building parts, correction of colliders and camera clipping, correction of backup bugs, major improvements on the player (mobility and jet pack), and more!

Below, the link to the Devlog on our Game Jolt page of what has already been developed for version 0.2.3:


The building system (WIP) become larger with new several pieces to build ever more complex stations!







We keep you informed about the next progress and the release of version 0.2.3!

Kiwi Studio


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