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Skillbooks and recipes gone missing


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Here's what i mean: In stable branch we have recipe journals in mail boxes and many skillbooks in bookcase. In stable branch my shelves in bookstore are not limited to 50-60 red general books with lvl1-2 random skillbook.


I checked 10 different saves in a stable branch and iwbums. Result: there are many skillbooks in the stable branch, there are too few of them in the iwbums. Also, I noticed a parallel decrease in the number of tools and other loot that appear.


I thought that the problem is precisely in the production generation. I created a map in which there were many skillbooks in a single game and transferred it to the MP. But when any map gets into the MP, it loses all the necessary loot, which has already been created on it earlier.


I want to play this game but I can't progress in game.

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