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Levitation Achieved with Sheet Rope + Sledgehammer


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As admin (have not verified on non-admin account) I noticed that I could levitate if I climbed up a sheet rope that remained up when a windowed wall was destroyed with a sledge and replaced by a wall without a window.


I went downstairs and climbed up the still remaining sheet rope that is now showing the new wall I built (west side of building) on the other end. Since there is no window any longer, I can't go into the room. What I can do however is levitate by moving to the left or right, and even in places move down (not sure I ever got back up).

I can do this all the way around the building (pretty sure I did a full circle) and for around 2-3 tiles out it appears.







To be clear, the issue I am reporting is that ... I didn't get an achievement or level up or anything. ;)


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