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PVE NA EAST | ProjectZomboid [CASUAL] | 24/7

24/7 Dedicated Server for those in North America East Region 

Running IWBUMS


Simple Rules:

- Don't steal and/or be caught stealing from peoples safe-house regions.

- No safe-house shall be a gas station, warehouse, police stations or garages unless game allows a safe-house. Exceptions are made like the forested ranch located in south West Point.

- Max 4 cars per player, really why do you need more? If you share a safe-house with someone that would allow you more cars.


It's PVE No killing others and Safe-House protection rules are on. Infection is on, else where's the challenge in that? 


What can I say for the feel of playing on it? Well cars are a little faster than default, which is nice and there's a bit more loot variety. The cars feel nice, plus the extra ones fit in nicely. There's no game-breaking mods, like Fuel Barrels is used. Also I am running ORGM for the gun touting slayer.  And special mele weapon which is rare to find, Katana. Come and give it a try!


These are the mods I'm running. All tested and working. 


Mods Currently in use: 

FarmingNeverRot - ORGM - GidOrganizedStorage - ORGMSilencer - TROpenCansWithKnife - unknown_ID(Bigger Bottles) - MANYBAGS - SVGHairColor - FRUsedCars - FRSmallerCars - Katana (Reworked) - BookCollection - ExpirationFoodR - POS - NCRandomItems - FuelBarrel - Better Car Sounds


Note: The bold items above are the mods currently running, I will add the rest but first making sure they work properly. This server was running 39.67.5 before and has just been upgraded to 40.x IWBUMS.


(Always open to suggestions for settings and mods)

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