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NPC MOD version snapshot

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I am interested in those spiked traps i see there. Is this a mod or a future release feature? 

I already have a base model for them because i want to add it to my game...  :-)

...but i don't know how :sad:



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pan.baidu.com/s/1BXjbF is a download link for what appears to be a mod. Damned the chance of viruses and tried it on the recent version of the game, but of course many changes have happened since

No idea if it's functional or not, or could even be.

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Even after google translating, the whole thing is still very confusing. Says something about bringing squads of NPCs back into the game.


Odd, after reading that below I'm convinced this might be a real working mod. Too bad its all in a language I can't read or understand.


[based RC2.9.9.15 edition produced, into a functional version of section 17]

[2 hundred M version is unpacked straight play, 2M multi-version is a patch package, extract to the original Chinese version V2.2 RC2.9.9.15 or directory, overwrite all files, pay attention to the progress of the original backup file]

[Two versions of the game are in the game archive location root null directory]

------------------ 3.1 ----------------- Change List

[bug fixes]

1, amended the original emoticons display bug, and now it can show 21 kinds of emoticons

Special effects 2, amended the original big weight, eat the food, etc.

[What's New]

1, you can build traps (two planks can create a trap, the trap has durable)

2, you can search the entire building control teammates npc items

3, can attack the other team's non-npc, the other party will fight back after the attack, has since become enemies, if this does not kill, the next meeting or die endlessly (the best way is diverted to the zombies go)

4, all npc are born indoors, more likely to encounter

5, there are aggressive npc will take the initiative to attack the player, the player can not team up and friendly npc team

6, in addition to the display panel npc team name, life, endurance, but also increased the bloodshed, was arrested, bitten state flag

[balance adjustment]

1, the general character of the load is adjusted to 20 (units of kg can be understood, the original too)

2, then eat, weight increase of 10 characters

-------------------------------------------------- -

Cheating panel when I developed for debugging, open the conference affect gameplay

If you want to know the open method, please pm me

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